Gruppo Space
The beginning

In 2000 I approached the world of art and graphic communication. Time and experience have taught me that the main foundation on which to develop a solid project and effective, is the IDEA, aimed at satisfying the needs and requirements aimed at achieving the proposed objective. The IDEA it is not always sufficient to achieve the result, must be supported and developed by professionals, experts prepared using materials and technologies, motivated and convinced of their work. Customer satisfaction in seeing materialize their projects and work is our greatest victory! Confirms that "the right ideas always give good results."

Andrea Della Malva
Messaggio Message

Communicating is the basis of all human relationships, our task is to find the most effective means for the message to be received and shared. Excel in an ever-changing world is difficult, but we are convinced that nothing is achieved without effort. Our training and experience, creativity and passion, will lead us to emerge and improve day by day because we believe in it and we love what we do.
Valori Worth

Companies are first of all made ​​by people, managed and organized in a professional manner. The preparation, mutual respect and passion are the minimum requirements to be part of the Group. All this will be an added value available to each customer that will give us confidence, knowing at any moment to be able to count on a partner preparation and fair.
Metodo Method

We listen to our customers and evaluate together the best solutions are always different and personalized. We set a goal, a quality standard appropriate study materials, time, special conditions and contingencies without neglecting the details. All this thanks to the people who work in our Group, who are dedicated professionals with a passion for what they do.
Prodotti e Servizi Products and Services

We are looking for and buy the best materials to ensure quality and innovative products. Our equipment is the latest generation of the best brands on the market. The staff is trained and updated on the latest technical and technological innovations in the field of information and communication. We follow the customer IDEA to the production of materials to the installation supporting him steadily.